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Networth survey 2016 bobblehead style

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  • Networth survey 2016 bobblehead style

    Bobblehead with the help of BigFoot48 did an outstanding job creating this survey and for three years Bogleheads had a yearly thread on Networth surveys for which over a thousand Bogleheads entered data.

    Unfortunately there will be no 2016 survey on Bogleheads.

    I am looking forward to a 2016 version and may be if  Jim Dahle would reach out to Bobblehead and Bigfoot48 or that WCI would create their version, so that there will be 2016 survey.

    ( The downside may be that this could result in bad press about rich doctors if not enough medical  students and residents or newly minted attendings would enter data while the crowd here tends to be uber savers).