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Advice on malpractice insurance for moonlighting in fellowship

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  • Advice on malpractice insurance for moonlighting in fellowship

    I need some help from the group.  I’m looking at a moonlighting gig during fellowship that would have me covering weekends for a small group practice that had a partner retire before they could fill the spot.  My only hold up is the malpractice.  The group states that their current malpractice policy (from a very reputable carrier with “A” ratings from AM Best) will cover me, which I confirmed with the insurance carrier.  I was even provided a signed letter stating such from the underwriter:

    “Any physician providing Locum Tenens services for another physician scheduled on this policy is covered for those services.  Locum Tenens share in the insured’s limit of liability.”

    I’ve tried researching whether this arrangement is legitimate but I cannot get a clear answer.  Has anyone ever run into this situation?  Will I be exposing myself to unnecessary liability?  I am nervous not being specifically named on the policy or having a policy of my own.  While it would be extremely helpful to have the extra income, I do not want to jeopardize my future income or job by potentially being uncovered.  Thanks!

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    Tail coverage?  How litigious is the speciality?


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      Supposedly tail coverage is provided by the group.  Specialty is in the middle to lower end of the risk spectrum in a low risk state with tort reform.


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        I might call the carrier yourself about the coverage questions. My carrier is responsive when I call.


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          I locum'ed for years while in the Army & always practiced under the md's coverage. My partner and I have used locums now for various events and encountered no problems covering them under our policies. This is in ob/gyn.

          I think the arrangement you describe is what is usually done.


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            You could ask the group for an indemnity/hold harmless agreement, in addition.

            Maybe you need to speak to a med mal attorney to assuage your concerns?



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              fwiw, all of our locums clients have this arrangement with the locums provider providing the malpractice. I have no idea if it is any different for a group not in the business of hiring locums.

              If you're still nervous about it, you might want to get a review from Contract Diagnostics. They start out at $200 and should have more specific experience than most attorneys. I would be very interested to learn if you find out that your concerns were justified.
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                Thanks everyone.  Everything sounds legitimate but having a medical contract attorney look it over will be well worth the cost.


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                  I just encountered a similar situation. I am planning to moonlight with an urgent care and was added to the group claims-made insurance policy. There is no tail coverage, nor the option to purchase tail coverage. I was told that tail coverage is not needed because I am being added to a group policy. I hadn't heard of this. Does this seem legit? Thanks!