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  • Conference Hotel Block Full

    Okay guys, the hotel block is full. If you reserve a room at the hotel after now, it is $289 a night instead of the $249 a night. We couldn't enlarge the block any more.

    The good news is they were willing to go back and retroactively apply the $249 price to anyone who has already booked. So we're providing them with a list of registrants (give us a day or two). So if you booked before today, and you're being charged MORE than $249, refer them to the provided list to get it at $249.

    For those who haven't already booked, sorry. There are some rooms available at the higher price and there are lots of other great options in Park City, particularly if you're looking for something more upscale.
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    You guys are rocking it! Nice work and congrats WCI. Looking forward to it.