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Charitable tax deduction for vacation home

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  • Charitable tax deduction for vacation home

    If I had a vacation home that would be used occasionally by missionaries, church staff such as pastors, etc., could any of the costs of the home be deductible essentially as a charitable contribution?  I've been unable to find an answer to that via search.  Thanks for the help.

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    Unfortunately, it's a noble thing to do and you will undoubtedly reap eternal rewards for your good deed, but it is not deductible. This would be considered a donation of a partial interest in a property and, as such, is not a legitimate deduction.

    Check out IRS Publication 526 on charitable contributions and you'll find your answer in the Partial Interest in Property section, in the third column ,on Page 8.

    So, no deduction. But, God bless you for your willingness to donate use of your vacation home to support Kingdom work.


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      Thank you for the clarification.

      How about the times that I stay in the home so that I can provide volunteer work (for a qualified charity) since it is a few hours from my primary residence?  I think I could deduct travel, etc. but how about the expenses for overnight stay (I think a hotel would qualify).