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Has anybody used or heard of "Resolve Physician Agency" for job recruiting?

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  • Has anybody used or heard of "Resolve Physician Agency" for job recruiting?

    Current resident just beginning the job hunt. I just received an email from Resolve Physician Agency and was wondering if anyone had heard or used them before.


    They try to distinguish themselves as not a recruiter but it seems that you pay for their services rather than the hiring practice/hospital. Trying to evaluate if something like that would even be worth pursuing.

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    I've never heard of them, but there are many ways to find a job that don't involve a "middle man" who is typically paid very well for their time. Have you checked out Dr. Fawcett's book on starting your medical career?


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      We found plenty (read: endless) opportunities for physician employment without needing a physician recruiter. Colleagues, mentors, reading online, reading the postcards in the mail to work in rural North Dakota for a bazillion dollars, and talking with recruiters if you'd like, all will help you decide what type of employment you'd like next.



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        If you DIY it can pay off. When I got out of the Army 15yrs ago my wife & I made a list of desirable things to consider in a new town (I still have it). For us it was: in the Southeast, good schools, small town, near a lake(s), above the gnat line, etc. Then I looked at a map & picked out 20-25 likely towns with hospitals and researched them before cold calling the physician liaison or CEO. Only 10 or so had ob- we're talking smalls towns, only 5 or so had a current need.

        Did 4 interviews and told them up front that I was my own recruiter. The contract I eventually negotiated & signed included an additional $30k in the sign on bonus.

        I tell my young patients all the time how lucky they are that the information age will eliminate most all the middlemen.


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          At Resolve, we couldn't agree more.  We have a DIY tool for physicians to use during their job search.  You can find it here: -- the Resolve Team.