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Any advice for GI fellow?

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  • Any advice for GI fellow?

    Dear Forum,

    1st year GI fellow here. Looking for advise about jobs. Nervous about "buy ins" and owning an ambulatory surgery center. At this point in my life, currently 31 will be 33 at time of completing fellowship, would not be interested in taking on more debt. Any good wisdom?



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    Very interested to hear this advice as well.


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      Grab a couple books on contract evaluation, buy ins and partnerships, I think wci did a review of one that was a quick decent read a few months back. Have an independent source value everything and know what you are paying and what you are getting in return. Debt for nothing is bad, however, if it allows you to buy into an appreciating income producing asset with decent return its a good deal.

      You'll want to know the ins/outs of if you like it there, non competes, buyouts, etc...and all the bad stuff of course before considering.


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        Learn to perform EGD and colonoscopy proficiently.

        I've worked with clinicians who take 20 minutes to do both; others who take 60 to 90 minutes.  Obviously, the quicker endoscopist can do many more procedures in a day, and earn a much higher income, assuming production is factored into pay.  Patients fare better, requiring less sedation for a shorter procedure.  Don't go so fast that you'll miss something, but there is a wide range of skill out there.  Be a skilled GI guy.



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          This is actually a great tip, cannot be stressed enough. Learn how to do your craft really well, and pay attention to those that do. It is amazing to see people that dont mess around and are very good at what they do. You'll be shocked at how efficiently some can really be, no messing around and without cutting corners. It keeps improving as well, mostly in consistency in that you get more consistently efficient.

          I sometimes wonder if people that have never really been out of academics have any idea how much more efficient things can be. You never know until youre put into a different environment what can be done.