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    Originally posted by The White Coat Investor View Post

    Surprisingly few have a choice, or at least a choice where one of them meets even one of those criteria.
    totally fair point


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      Originally posted by ENT Doc View Post

      I’m not saying you’re wrong but I think it depends on what region you’re in and whether you shine at that school or not. It sounds like we went to similar schools. Low national ranking but I’d put the education I received there up against high ranking schools. Many of my classmates wanted to stay in the region and they had no problem doing so. And many went into competitive residencies and great programs. This is why I think the Step 1 pass fail decision is terrible. It’ll bias people away from looking at talent, which comes from all sorts of places.
      sure but when you enter med school you don't always know what region you want to be in, if you will shine, if the education is actually good, what you want to go into, or how you would have done on step 1.

      it's a basic Rawlsian analysis.

      all i'm saying is that expensive med schools that don't give you an impressive diploma are a bad value prop and if are going to go to an expensive private school prestige is worth considering.

      you don't need a new car, but if you are 100% going to buy a new car you might as well buy one that looks nice.


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        Originally posted by Turf Doc View Post

        I had 2 choices but they were both the same (expensive) cost, unfortunately. I'm sure WCI already has this around somewhere, but a post on why your dream school is a state school would be more helpful, since for many people that's the easiest school to get into. Unfortunately californians don't really have that opportunity!

        If I still had access i might peak in to the MSAR to look at the in-state/out of state acceptance rates to these schools. My understanding is texas state schools must reserve 90% of their spots for texas residents so them being cheap doesnt really matter to the rest of the country. And many state schools have such large in-state biases that out of staters shouldn't even apply
        I went to a nys school and it was half Californians. Out of state residents get in state tuition after the first year. It is kinda dumb the way they do it but oh well.