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  • Discuss Latest WCI Blog Post: Beating the New Death Tax with James Lange – Podcast #221

    Interview with retirement plan distribution expert, James Lange. Discussing Roth conversions, choosing which accounts to spend first in retirement, annuities, the new stretch IRA, charitable remainder trusts, and lots more.

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    I am a big fan of James Lange's books, especially Retire Secure and this new one Beating the Death Tax. They are complementary to each other because the former includes material not covered in the latter, newer book. One of the things I really liked is that, while I don't always agree with Lange's conclusions, his arguments are very clear and have the effect of helping me understand why I might or might not accept his recommendations. (Just for example, I intend to spend my 457b funds before my taxable accounts even thought the math says leaving the 457 funds to grow tax deferred is better, but only because the 457b funds have a small institutional risk.)


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      I too love Lange and his book. I have Retire Secure and I filled out the form and hoping to get the new book for free...only free for the first 400 people so who knows what # I am. Hard to know how many other die-hards like us are out there and willing to share our information. I especially liked the ending to this podcast about how you really aren't successful if you're the richest in the graveyard. I get the mentality of switching from saving to spending is hard and no doubt will be very hard for me but I really think as individuals we'd be better off if we spent more later in our life. Very likely many people who fear they'll die with $0 end up dying with way too much