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  • Podcast Topics and Questions

    What topics would you like to see the podcast hit?

    Also, I like to answer 2-4 quick questions at the end of podcasts. What questions would you like to see addressed in upcoming episodes?
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    1. Is Asset Protection Worth It?

    2. Case studies where a regular reader/poster gets on Skype with you and you hit a few high points of their individual scenario.

    Maybe structure as a 5 min intro focused on their personal finance and then your thoughts including what you would change. Would be interesting to see a range.

    3. Horror stories episode -- the craziest scenarios you've been asked about

    4. Splurges and spending, general rules of thumb. Like when Dave Ramsey says "no new car until you have $1M in assets."

    5. Ask me anything with listener questions. Sam Harris does these really well on his podcast. Not endorsing every one of his views but it's cool that he does hour long podcasts where he responds to a bunch of questions.


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      The Podcast is great!  Thanks for doing it.  I would like to include the following subjects

      1) Discussion of practice buy in, how to save for it, how it should be structured, good resources for evaluating etc.  Is it a good idea in the changing corporate environement.  Pitfalls etc.

      2)Tax loss harvesting, finer details avoiding wash sale rule etc

      3) Cash balance plans (other ways to reduce taxable income)

      4) "Life Hacks" -examples of how you became more efficient or proficient at something.   For example, I reduced my grocery bill by 15% by meal preping on sundays.  Or discussion of credit card rewards, etc.

      5) Other podcasts/blogs you frequent and why, maybe some crossover podcasting (worked great with POF)

      Keep up the great work, it is much appreciated


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        This may be more a topic for a full episode than a segment: Starting solo practice. Which could later be followed by Managing your own practice. Or it may be out of scope of WCI but ever since I've started to follow and implement your advice, that has become an area of deep interest to me.


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          from the perspective of a resident:

          1) I'd be interested in hearing about what best to do with self-employment income (e.g. highly variable 1099 moonlighting income on top of W2 income), saving/managing quarterly estimated taxes, how to apply safe harbor to W4 etc. I'm interested in the small details on this one - record-keeping for estimated taxes, only one spouse withholding a $ amount of taxes to meet safe harbor for a MFJ couple? My salary/workplace will change more than someone with a long-term job, it can get hard to calculate. Should I just do safe harbor via W4 even if there's a chance my income may decrease this year?

          2) Roth vs Traditional retirement account allocation. Should there be a target percentage of retirement funds in Roth vs Trad? As a resident, I can't max out everything so I have a choice between Roth and Trad i401k and IRA and figure I should heavily prioritize Roth (especially for IRA, to optimize future backdoor Roth conversions). As an attending, I figure my employer 401k may only have the traditional option, which would be ideal at that point anyway.

          3) #4 mentioned by MPMD above. Having debt as a resident means you're poor by any quantitative measure, but when you account for future earning potential, that's no longer the case. How do you balance current and projected cash flow with loans and "one-time" expenses like wedding, house, car, or even semi-splurges on useful but non-essential <$1k items or gifts?

          4) Umbrella Insurance - who/when/why? How necessary is it?

          5) If physicians are considered to have a stabler higher income over a shorter working career than most others, how does that change their investments' asset allocations? Should physicians favor higher risk/higher reward, or go more conservative because there's less need for the higher reward, etc?


          Thanks so much!


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            4) “Life Hacks” -examples of how you became more efficient or proficient at something.   For example, I reduced my grocery bill by 15% by meal preping on sundays.  Or discussion of credit card rewards, etc.
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            second this


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              Hmmm. Based on the conversation I've seen here in the forum, maybe these:


              1. How to check your credit? Or if your credit isn't over 800 tune in. It should be.

              2. why a tesla is a good idea

              3. why a tesla still isn't a good idea

              4. Are kids worth it?

              5. Should you save or plan (financially) to have kids?

              6. Should you save or plan (financially) to have a dog?

              7. How to estimate the value of your time, so you can better determine to: work same job, new job/moonlight, volunteer @ church/scouts/etc, drink beverages, mow the lawn.

              8. Are HOA's worth it?

              9. How to choose a specialty, based on income, loans, training time/lost/delayed wages due to PGY years.

              10. Can the military be financially prudent.

              11. More examples of 4 families (like Or maybe examples of buying a tesla vs a camry, or midwest vs SF housing.

              12. when to pay kids allowance - or job earnings or investing lessons, etc.


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                5. Ask me anything with listener questions. Sam Harris does these really well on his podcast. Not endorsing every one of his views but it’s cool that he does hour long podcasts where he responds to a bunch of questions.
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                Same with cosmic queries on by NDT.


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                  You should get PoF back on for a podcast. I really enjoyed the conversational nature of that podcast. I intend no offense WCI, but 2 different voices sound like a conversation, while a single voice feels like a narration / sermon, and can get a bit monotonous.

                  Also, you have some interesting articles on home buying. How about a podcast for first time home buyers? Perhaps address the age old debate of paying off mortgage fast, vs keeping the mortgage and investing the difference? Buying a home all cash - advantages / disadvantages.


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                    but 2 different voices sound like a conversation
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                      1.  Buying vs. renting.  Or just more podcasts on real estate investing in general - crowdfunding, how to select good properties, property managers, first-time home-buying, how to find good tenants, how much to put down, whether to use a realtor or attempt FSBO, how fast to pay off a mortgage, how to lower costs on utility bills/home repairs/property taxes etc.  Part of me wants to get into real estate investing but this is really intimidating stuff.

                      2.  Working as an employee vs. an independent contractor.  Related topics include best ways to find jobs as a locum (where POF would make another great guest appearance) and contract negotiation.

                      3.  Tips for avoiding physician burnout.

                      4.  Tips for reducing healthcare expenses.  (I for one prescribe my own meds, go to a doctor maybe once every five years, and never get any bloodwork done because the bills under my HDHP are horrifying.  Am I out of step with most of us?)

                      5.  Tax Loss Harvesting, as another poster above mentioned... though this one is probably difficult to explain without visual aids.


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                        3.  Tips for avoiding physician burnout.
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                        @DMFA - Any suggestions?  :P


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                          Some female specific topics like maternity leave, cost of childcare - mainly how that factors into saving for retirement/paying off debt. Females also tend to care for aging parents than males, work full time + be the housewife, etc.


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                            A discussion on winding down the medical career would be useful to some of us, the financial, behavioral, emotional issues of early retirement, typical retirement, and maybe extending one's career well into the 60's and 70's.

                            It might be neat to have docs occasionally interviewed for the podcast. I would like to learn how people got to where they are (where are they anyway?), tricks and traps that helped or detracted along the way, and maybe extending beyond the obvious financial concerns. (We do not need to interview people, necessarily, who saved 50% of their gross in index funds starting from PGY-1 to learn that you can build wealth that way...)


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                              how much investment in a house (homestead, not investment property) for renovations and repairs is too much?