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  • Liability insurance for website

    Website owners,


    What type of liability insurance would do you carry?!

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    Why? What did I do?


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      LOL  :lol:  Just wondering would it be needed if someone had a website. Sure, "it depends" but in general for a blog like this or discussion forum or website reviewing different products etc. should there be some liability insurance? Will your umbrella policy or general liability insurance cover if there is an issue related to a website....copyright infringement etc. Does not apply to a website in particular but asking in general.


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        I actually came across a podcast from an attorney on just this issue this week. Check it out and it should answer most of your questions. It dealt with a copyright infringement secondary to use of a picture on a business website. It looks like her malpractice insurance covered her.





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          This is a question for your attorney and your insurance agent. If the website is a for-profit enterprise in which you are giving advice to consumers, then umbrella insurance would not, imo, cover you (would like to hear from the insurance guys if this is incorrect).

          You should, of course, need to conside posting the appropriate disclaimers prominently displayed that any advice is for general use only and not meant for specific situations, consult your own professionals, etc.
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            WCICON24 EarlyBird
            thank you all.