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    Unless the OP comes back to supply details we are all meandering in the dark.


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      That credit card debt is nothing to fret over.  You just need to focus on making some extra payments towards it and getting rid of it asap.  What kind of 401k/savings balances do you have?  100k of student loans at 3-4% isn't that bad either.  I mean, of course its not ideal, but its not the end of the world.  Mortgage of 500k at what percentage?  How much do you make yearly?

      Sounds like you're burned out.  I've been there.  Its not hopeless and you're not trapped financially.  You just have to be willing to make some changes to allow you to fix things.  I do think its important to first get your finances on the right path before dealing with the burnout issue.  It shouldn't take long, but its important that you see that you're not trapped.  We need to know a little bit more about your financial situation to make specific recommendations though.  Have you ever put together a budget?  Now would be a good time to learn how. Add up your fixed expenses (mortgage payment, car payments?, student loans, etc).  Then look at where the rest of your money is going each month (how much do you typically spend on food, shopping, entertainment, etc, etc).  Then, see where you can make cuts.  If you're spending 2000/month on food, for example, try slashing it down to just 1200/month.  Then see how much money you can start throwing at your credit cards and what can be put into savings.  Set it up so that these amounts are automatically taken out of your paychecks and you are forced to live off of what's left over.  The hardest thing to do will be learning to say no to spending when its not something you've budgeted for.  But, its absolutely necessary if you want to feel better about your finances.  Let us know what your spending typically looks like per month.  That will help us gauge where your problems might be.

      In the mean time, while you're learning as much as you can from this site, start figuring out how you can make changes at work to feel less burnt out.  Do you have the option of working part time?  Those extra days off could help.  Do you have any other ideas about what else you'd rather do for work?  Non clinical jobs such as working for an insurance company or something?  Start thinking and researching your options now.  It can help you to see that you have options.

      All of us on this site are happy to help



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        2 kids, twins, finishing kindergarten. 15K credit card debt approx. have $$ in savings to pay it but then would have no savings. $100k med school debt, 3-4% interest. Mortgage around 500k I think. Good credit score. Ob gyn. Would love to change careers. But feel trapped financially.
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        you been working for 10 years and only have 15K in savings? I would love to see what you have spent your money on (seriously)