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    … Never tried to buy my own ribbons, but it seems like you can get them made for cheap:
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    I could have fun with that!

    "Past Meeting Ditchee"

    "Published Nothing"

    "Sits in the Back"

    "Happy Hour Yet?"

    "Made You Look!"





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      Conferences are decent way to learn some stuff but a great way to catch an out of town sporting event or concert.


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        one of the many benefits of academia: i get sent to 2 of these a year, all expenses paid, and no one is checking to see what i do.

        i go to lots of sessions and usually learn a lot. last one i did that all morning then took a long run and laid by the pool.

        social aspect is critical for those in academia.

        working on turning them into mini-vacays with my wife. she'll have to pay for her own plane ticket but the resort hotel doesn't really care if it's just me in the room or me+her.


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          working on turning them into mini-vacays with my wife
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          We did that twice last year. Once to San Francisco. Once to Maui. Bought her tickets with credit card bonus points for trying new cards.


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            I stopped paying for professional society membership as soon as I finished training. The ABP already makes me eat it with their board fees; I feel. I no need to give the AAP all my money, even though I generally support their causes and efforts.

            I've been bringing my wife and 1-2 kids to national conferences intermittently since fellowship; so far have taken them to Vancouver, DC, Boston, & San Fran. I spend a reasonable amount of time at the conferences but still make time to explore the city with family. In academia I have to go to these to present research or maintain some academic relationships, and I find some of the info genuinely interesting. I've never ditched a conference -- I would feel unethical and guilty.

            But it's hard for us to make time to travel to these cities with work and young children, so a conference is a great opportunity to bring them. I've used credit card rewards for most of the family costs.
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