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  • FSA + HSA question

    Hey All,


    Hoping to get an answer on this scenario.


    If my wife and I are on separate health plans can she fund an FSA (general) to the individual limit on her PPO plan and I fund my HSA and limited (vision/dental) FSA to the individual limit in my HDHP?


    My understanding is that you can combine limited FSA and HSA but can't combine general FSA and HSA. However, I'm not sure how it works if my wife and I are on separate health plans. Thanks!

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    Your limited purpose FSA will not interfere with your eligibility for HSA contributions.

    However, your spouse's general purpose FSA will almost certainly do so. This is because almost all FSA plans can be used to pay for/reimburse the first dollar coverage of a spouse's (that's you) unreimbursed medical expenses. This will make you an ineligible individual for HSA contributions.