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  • Discuss Latest WCI Blog Post: Maximum Student Loan Debt to Salary Ratio

    Here's how to determine the maximum amount of student loan debt that your future earnings can support and what to do if you already have too much.

    The post Maximum Student Loan Debt to Salary Ratio appeared first on The White Coat Investor - Investing & Personal Finance for Doctors.

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    I honestly feel so sorry for these students who are graduating with such astronomical debt. Even the ones expected to make a reasonable salary, $400k+ of student loans is horrendous. But, for the ones making such low salaries, $400k+, as you pointed out, is crushing and will ruin their lives if they don't do something to increase their income.
    I think it really hits home for me because I know if I would have went to school when these guys/gals did, I would have been one of the victims who was dumb enough to sign up for this much debt. I was SO clueless when I was that age. I'm lucky I "only" graduated with $220k (which ballooned to $260k by time I was out of residency). Fortunately, despite a slow start, I was able to get rid of them completely. But, I was able to make $300-340k in combined income. I can not imagine how hard it would have been making only $120k.


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      Pediatricians and general dentists who are W-2 employees still are in far better shape than the average veterinarian.