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Healthtap as supplemental income

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  • Healthtap as supplemental income

    Healthtap is a website that offers patients online consults. Does anyone use healthtap as a source of supplemental income? What's your experience been? Is it worth it? Thanks!

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    I have never used it.  As a FTE 1.0 Hospitalist, little time or need to earn more.

    My experience with virtual medicine is one where it should be used cautiously and can easily be abused. Our hospital had to rely on virtual psychiatry support and I felt it was substandard care.  One limitation when I inquired regarding Psych staffing of virtual medicine was that the physician had to be licensed in the state where the patient is receiving care.  Makes it easier to drag them in to court if malpractice. Suspect however there were loopholes.

    On the other hand, virtual medicine, robotic/algorithm driven, and other short cuts coming down the pipeline may be (will be) the wave of the future. I had always taught my students and residents to obtain as much experience as possible.  And thus you can also better critique it's value.

    Just check on the liability aspects - also including malpractice tails.


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      I would never do it. Disclaimers aside, the questions asked are patient-specific enough ("I'm short of breath and have been coughing up blood, what do I do?") that answering them would be easy for a plaintiff attorney to construe a doctor-patient relationship and hang you out to dry a dozen different ways in a suit. There's no way they pay enough money to justify the liability.


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        I signed up and did some of the exercises, answered some questions, etc. I felt like I was talking to nameless, faceless, people with sub-70 IQs. There is no amount of money that could get me to do that again.


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          Thanks for the responses! This was my gut instinct too, especially the liability aspect at play here. The need for a non-w2 income stream to help max out my tax-deferred accounts is making me look seriously at all the options out there