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Advice on research funding?

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  • Advice on research funding?

    I'm a resident who is trying to work on some med ed type research (as well as finance research, but that's a totally different beast).  The initial hassles have been taken care of, and fortunately we don't need IRB for the current project.  However I'm running into significant potential costs for data acquisition and paying for statistical help (what we need done is way above my level or anybody on the team's ability).

    Are there any researchers or academic types here that have suggestions for how to go about applying for research grants?   Rough cost estimates are less than five grand, but that is still far beyond my ability to pay for out of pocket as a resident.  My department seems to be mostly based around large bench and translational lab grants, so there aren't a lot of small grants available for resident projects.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.