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  • Zaphod
    the second result and beyond for a google search are all complaints and websites about how the company is a scam and such. I would simply do the search and show him.

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  • LikeASurgeon
    started a topic Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing

    Hi! I am new here. I am a general surgery attending, employed full time. My husband is non-medical and currently laid-off from his finance job. While looking for new jobs he stumbled across an internet ad for Project AWOL and is now convinced that he can do affiliate marketing as a way to supplement our income. To me this looks like a scam or pyramid scheme. Do any of you have experience with Project AWOL or is affiliate marketing a legitimate way to make money? I am trying to convince my husband not to devote any more time or money to this and have him focus more on his job search. Thanks.