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  • Credit Karma Tax Preparation

    I just submitted my tax returns using Credit Karma and it was completely free as advertised. The software spit out the same numbers as TurbTax did. I have a very simple tax picture which makes the process straightforward. I am sure that it does not cover all situations as this is the first year it was offered. The Credit Karma software was similar to Turbo Tax but had less bells and whistles.

    I was happy with the experience. YMMV but no complaints from me for a truly free experience. N=1.



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    good to know!


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      Were you also able to file state for free?


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        100% free. No gotchas.


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          I got bogged down in the investments section. I do tax loss harvesting through wealthfront and the software made almost 100 trades for me last year. Turbo tax does auto import while Credit Karma was all manual. Not worth my time. But I have had good luck with them overall for credit score monitoring and like the company. For a simple tax return I bet it would work great.