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  • RVU bonus endocrinology

    I am renegotiating my current contract from revenue minus expense to a salary plus bonus with RVU productivity, quality, pt satisfaction bonuses.  I am an endocrinologist in the Midwest in a multispecialty practice owned by the hospital.  I was offered a bonus of $48 per RVU earned above MGMA median.  Is this reasonable?  I have over 5 years experience and have been performing around the 60-70th percentile of MGMA.   Is it worth paying $500 to get MGMA data?  Also, can anyone tell me MGMA median for endocrine 1 FTE vs 0.8 FTE in the Midwest?  Thanks.

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    What is your RVU before bonus?.You can ask your endocrine colleagues how much are they getting paid. Every specialty has their own RVU rate so its difficult to compare with other specialty physician.

    You can ask a recruiter if they are willing to share MGMA data. I guess it cost $1100 to buy.

    The AMGA data is pretty close to MGMA and you can buy it at much lower cost.



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      Here is the MGMA.

      please look page 8.