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    I'm planning on applying for my texas medical license and was looking for a service to expedite my license as much as possible and minimize hassle. Has anyone gone through any of these services in the past before? Any recommendations? Thanks for the help!

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    Hi,  ShahMD, I posed your question to a client who went through the same process in TX last year because I knew it took longer than he had expected and this is his reply:

    >> was recommended to me and was actually helpful even though I didn’t use them directly.  Denise Meyer and her partner have both worked for the TMB and know the ins and outs very well.  Unfortunately, there is no fast track to bypass anything, but they will make sure your packet is complete to make it past QA.  On your end, get fingerprinted and take your jurisprudence exam ASAP.  Texas also requires a Form L from each hospital you have worked in the last 5 years.  Fax is the fastest way to get documents in as ‘received,’ but they may require the hard copies later.  Essentially you want to get in all of the required documents as quickly as possible to be placed in queue for QA, which is the last step before licensing.  Official licensing dates and info are on the TMB website and usually happen twice per month.<<
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      I looked into it ~11 years ago and there didn't seem to be a significant benefit, particularly if you are only applying to one state. I got 10 licenses over a 6 month period, and did it myself. I did use FCVS to expedite some of the applications, but not all states utilized the service. I realize a lot may have changed in the last decade.


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        The fact that there would even be such a service says a lot about the ridiculous process


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          If you are still a resident or fellow and don't have any "baggage" of other licenses/credentials except where you trained, I would also suggest just doing it yourself. You tend to have to sign lots of stuff personally anyway. Set up an FCVS profile (actually make sure Texas uses FCVS)  and go on the TX website and start cranking through all the requirements. But if you do have lots of things to report - I have 10 state licenses and over 100 hospitals since I do some telerad - then I would use a service to help coordinate.


          Both TX and Oklahoma (and maybe some others) make it hard with the jurisprudence exam - I have an OK license and it took months longer than any other state. And the service can't help with that part.


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            I recommend that you avoid I paid them to delay my application and increase my workload.

            I'll do it myself in the future.
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