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Financial Goals for 2017

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  • SValleyMD
    2nd year out of fellowship-

    1. Finish off 80k in student loan debt.

    2. Fund 401k and DBP (about 145k)

    3. Convince the wife that we dont need landscaping on new home for a year.

    4. Sell my pre-WCI BMW X5 that I bought my first month as attending!

    5. start a taxable account

    6. Save >30 percent gross

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  • Shamwow
    1. Get above zero net worth!

    2. Eliminate car debt  (and never go into car debt again!)

    3. Pay off $70,000 of debt principle

    4. Max out 403(B)

    5. Have a nice family vacation

    Good luck to all!

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  • paramount
    1.  Kill 40k off loan principal.

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  • wideopenspaces
    Great idea conniebird! Love to see what everyone is planning.

    I'm cutting back to 0.25FTE for part of the year, and then 0.5FTE the rest of the year so I can spend a lot of time cuddling my baby :-) So we're going to see a drop in income. The goal is to still put 20% of our gross income into retirement and to overall have a 25% savings rate for the year.

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  • hightower
    1. Finish paying my last high interest rate student loan (need about 19K more).

    2. Start new job in June or July

    3. Budget to max out 401K and Backdoor Roth contributions

    4. Save 1500/month for personal and home savings (we have a few projects needed on the house and have a couple of trips planned)

    5. Anything left over save for a taxable brokerage account

    6. Put together a formal IPS and choose a long term asset allocation plan

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  • DarrVao777
    1. Maintain (or increase) income

    2. Contribute 5 digits to 529

    3. Eliminate mortgage on rental property

    4. Become a retirement millionaire

    5. Save 40 - 50% of gross income

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  • Zaphod
    1. Increase income/earnings by 10%.

    2. Max out all tax deferred accounts

    3. Increase taxable savings

    4. Get to or near, zero net worth (from deeply negative).

    5. Spend even more consciously.

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  • conniebird
    started a topic Financial Goals for 2017

    Financial Goals for 2017

    OK, we had a nice time stating what we accomplished for 2016 - how about we write some 2017 financial goals? Then we can look back on this thread a year from now. I'll start:

    1. Knock out 50K of student loans (this is in addition to the min. payments)

    2. Max out all available tax advantaged accounts ($47K, not including employer contributions)

    3. Start a taxable account