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Stop Emailing Me About Forum Members You Don't Like

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  • Stop Emailing Me About Forum Members You Don't Like

    Here on the WCI Forum we have an excellent team of capable moderators including the following very active members:

    1. jacoavlu

    2. Doc Spouse

    3. Hank

    4. jfoxcpacfp

    5. Peds

    If you see a post on the forum that violates the forum rules, I would suggest private messaging them, including a link to the thread and the forum rule violated. If you are not a member of the forum, I would suggest joining first before complaining about what forum members write. The rules are in the sticky at the top, here's a direct link:

    Violations of forum policies are enforced in the following manner:
    Penalties for infractions include a warning with a first offense, a one week suspension for a second offense, a one month suspension for a third offense, a one year suspension for a fourth offense, and a lifetime ban for a fifth offense. At the moderators’ discretion, if you have not had an offense for at least three months, you may start over with a warning. Also at their discretion, you can be banned after your first post particularly if your first post breaks multiple rules.

    Just because you dislike somebody or something they once wrote (and may have even been banned for) does not mean that they will somehow get an immediate lifetime ban if you just anonymously email the site owner frequently enough. We all feel we deserve a second or third chance in life. If you prefer a community with a "one strike" policy, I'd recommend the WCI FB Group where we ban first and ask questions later. This particular forum is a little more lenient by design and even includes a Lounge subforum where easily offended people are specifically warned not to read those threads.

    Nor is there an implied endorsement by me of anything anyone else posts on this forum. Not only do I not read every word posted here, but I literally cannot read everything posted on the WCI Forum, the WCI Subreddit, and the WCI Facebook Group, much less ensure it lines up with my own personal views and beliefs. These are FORUMS, not a book. I certainly cannot moderate all of these communities singlehandedly and so must rely on moderators and forum members themselves to police each other.

    If you continue to email me with comments about my mother, you will find that your emails soon do not find their way into my email box although I do find it hilarious to read emails from people accusing others of "troll behavior" while they are trolling me by email. The time I spend reading and maybe even responding to emails like these is time taken away from answering the legitimate questions of other white coat investors and producing the content that brought you here in the first place. Frankly, it's very selfish of you to send them to me instead of approaching a forum moderator.

    For the entertainment of other forum members, I may post excerpts of your hate-emails here from time to time, such as these:
    Why on earth...I'm doing my best to not curse or use profanity...Farewell, Dr. Dahle. This clown must be related to you by family or is a sponsor if you continually overlook his trollish actions. I expected better from a professional such as yourself. But not everyone adheres to basic human decency and a common sense morality. Good riddance!

    Utterly disgraceful. Words escape me, WCI. Surely your mother taught you better


    Shame on you...What an utterly unprofessional andshortsighted move. I'll be leaving the WhiteCoat world since you value the opinion of trolls...What BS.


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