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    Does anyone have any solid resources for finding average pay for physicians by specialty/geography? My spouse is PGY4 OB/GYN and is out on the interview trail with practices. I'd like to see some data so I know if she is getting appropriate salary compensation in her contract. Thanks.

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    Medscape is fairly detailed, but usually breaks it down by region and not state. They also have a young physicians report, lifestyle report, etc.


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      The medscape data always seems to be below real-world compensation.  In cardiology, we have very good detailed salary and productivity data from MedAxiom, and it shows that real compensation is higher than what medscape always reports.  MedAxiom only has cardiology data.  MGMA has reasonable data for other specialties.  They charge several hundred dollars for the report.  But, when I was a fellow, my medical school had a copy of the most recent MGMA data in the library so I could see it for free.  Maybe your wife will be just as lucky.


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        Yes my impression is MGMA is the best data.  Sometimes hospitals will show it to you in negotiations.  I can guarrantee you they have subscribed for that information.. Of course it is still survey data you have to take into account the local factors (even aside from regional variance)

        Also you might check out the salary map


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          I want to say I saw the 2015 MGMA datadump posted on studentdoctor.  Breakdown by specialty, years of service, etc.


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            This data also seemed to match up with what I saw from Merritt Hawkins and includes median wRVUs. I agree with others that Medscape seems too low.


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              MGMA data is on this thread.