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    Hey guys, this is sort of a part 2 to my last question on contract negotiation but I figured for the sake of organization i’ll start a sepereate thread.

    Everything so far about this group is fantastic but I discovered that OUTSIDE locum/moonlighting is restricted. I have an alternative schedule where I have a lot of available time for extra shifts so this worries me. They did repeatedly make clear that there is an exuberant amount of IN-HOUSE moonlighting available but i’m skeptical by nature of anything that can’t be put in writing.

    Should I be concerned if moonlighting is something that is important to me? Didn’t seem like this rule was negotiable but I also haven’t tried yet.

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    Why is it restricted? Can you negotiate it out?


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      that's pretty typical, groups don't want you to be spending time you are supposed to be working for them making money from somebody else.   This is very negotiable, the way that it should be written in your contract is your schedule- ie how many days on call you are supposed to be, how many weekends you are supposed to work, how many shifts you are responsible for.    If you or they want you to work more, they should put in a rate that they will pay you.  If it is that much lower then what you were making as a locums, you should ask for more because they are paying you below market rate.  You don't want to sign a contract without specifying  a call schedule.  One of my previous employers didn't like one of her new employees so decided to make his call schedule every other weekend until he quit.


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        If you want to moonlight extra .... Why don't you work a fuller schedule?


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          Maybe they want to fluctuate how much they work and don't want to commit to constantly working extra. Moonlighting let's you pick up extra as you want. PP rads often get 10-15 weeks of vacation so there's time to work more if you want to make more


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            Once again, from the standpoint of a radiology group leader, we have a similar clause in our contracts. We have ample in-house moonlighting and have allowed our rads to moonlight elsewhere with permission and under many, but not all, circumstances.

            Here is an example why: about ten years ago, after an acrimonious and costly divorce, one of our best, most productive, and talented radiologists decided to pick up some telerad work on the side. At first, it was an occasional Saturday night shift, and it had no impact on his performance at work. But then it expanded.

            It came to a head when he was working multiple weekend shifts, including an overnight Sunday night shift, and was coming to work Monday morning, already exhausted from a full weekend of work and with little sleep. The quality and quantity of his work suffered, as did his attitude and interactions with others. We told him he either had to give up the side job or leave us.

            This might be an extreme example and not what you have in mind, but it is how unrestricted moonlighting has a negative impact on the primary job. Additionally, your practice might be competing with another weaker group for contracts and does not want you to assist the competitor getting their work down. Or maybe there are insurance or reputation issues.

            This is  an example where you emailing or calling the group leader for clarification is important.


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              You say it is restricted, not prohibited. So, ask to have the restrictions modified or removed such that you can do what you think you might want to do.

              By the way, if there is 'exuberant' in house moonlighting, makes you wonder if the group is woefully understaffed. Caveat emptor.