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Different private practice group, same city?

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  • Different private practice group, same city?

    I left my "original" group due to extreme, outside circumstances that required me to quit, and at the same time i felt extremely burnt out (I was close to leaving medicine all together) and taken advantage of. I didn't leave in bad terms and had a very good relationship with partners and employers (I am probably very naive).

    I am now ready to go back to the work force. It has only been 6 months since I left. I do not wish to go back to my original group as I believe the things I was unhappy about in the first place will not change and I will see myself in the same scenario.

    I have been in contact with a few different private practice groups in my city and their initial questions are, why I left and why won't I go back since I didn't leave in bad terms. I have no problems answering this question honestly but I struggle thinking I am doing something wrong if I were to join a different group, and I keep wondering if I will have a bad reputation in my city. And as hard as it is for me to admit, I also wonder what my old group will think of me.

    Has anyone ever joined a different private practice group in the same city? Is this something frowned upon? Am I overthinking this?

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    plenty of reasons not to go back to same practice.  if you practice good medicine and didn't screw over your partners, your reputation won't be affected in the least.  you may have lots of patients follow you.  practices may be eager to acquire someone with experience who brings good patients with them.

    just explain the reasons in a way that doesn't frame your previous practice in a bad light.



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      Plenty of physicians in my city leave one specialty group and go to a competitor's group. Happens all the time.

      Make sure you don't have non compete within a certain radius and within a certain time frame.


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        what specialty are you in?   It's not a big deal, I doubt the group you left will care as much as you think that will, it happens, just as long as you are not stealing their patients and referral bases, I don't see anything wrong with it.  I would just be honest with the new groups for the reasons why you left the original group.   They are asking you to look out for their interest, they don't want to hire you and have you leave again shortly after you join them because it is the same thing in their group, but it is also in your interest that you find a group that is a good fit.


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          Shouldn't be an issue. Sometimes a person and a group just isn't a fit. Anyone that has been in a private group will understand this.


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            just be honest.

            You have to understand your situation will raise red flags for a new employer, quit and took 6 months off can be fully understandable but folks are naturally going to want the story.

            I wouldn't worry about your reputation. After all, what can you do about it, other than work hard and be a good doctor and a fair colleague? In the long run, you'll have the reputation that you deserve.


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              Not an issue. Plenty of docs in my area, including myself, have changed practices for a variety of reasons. As long as you’re not violating any contractual provisions like a valid non-compete clause find the best fit for what you want in your next position.


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                They won't care. Be honest. I think most groups secretly enjoy hearing that other groups in town have their own dysfunction as well.


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                  How one answers “difficult” questions is a personal choice. You left on a positive note, best to keep it that way. “Better fit” turns any conversation to the positives of the new group which is 100% truthful. I mean, that is exactly why you aren’t going back. No need to air dirty laundry. Memories are short regarding critical negative comments and nothing is gained.


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                    thank you all for answers!!