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Fidelity Rewards AMEX/VISA warning

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  • Fidelity Rewards AMEX/VISA warning

    Hey guys,

    I know a fair number of you use this card and so may have the same issue as me.  When they transitioned to Visa, none of the autopay or statement delivery options transitioned over.  I therefore had two issues:

    Last month, did not receive statement from Amex/FIA.  Noticed this on the day after payment was due, got charged late fee + interest (always set to autopay full balance).  Took a phone call to get this straightened out.

    This month, did not receive statement from Visa/Elan.  Autopay did not go through even though I set it up 3 weeks prior to due date.  Again late fee + interest + another phone call to fix it.

    All told, ~$300 in fees that might get overlooked if you're not vigilant.  Check your statements, make sure you set up electronic delivery and autopay again.

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    I had the same experience and have had the same hassles with additional monitoring of the account and annoying phone calls. That said, they seem to recognize that the error was on their end and quickly correct it. It should not have to be this complicated.


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      The closing date for August isn't till the 17th.  You can find this by clicking on "Transactions" instead of ""Statements".