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    I completed my negotiations a couple of months ago and signed my contract. I thought I would post the end results and say thanks to those who provided input. I am very please with the results.

    Original Post (8/2016)I have created a new user name to remain anonymous. I would love to hear some input on the initial offer of employment that I received yesterday. This offer is as a clinical gastroenterologist at a small hospital (part of larger system) in the Northeast.

    Original offer/final accepted offer:

    -400,000 base salary guaranteed for 5 years/ 450,000 guaranteed

    -potential for 78,000 bonus based on 1,500 wRVU above 6500 (capped at a total of 8000 wRVU so no more than 78,000 can be made)/ bonus of 52.00 per wRVU kicks in starting at 7000 wRVU with no cap

    -25,000 sign on bonus/did not budge on signing bonus but instead I am getting 150,000 student loans paid off over 4 years

    -4 weeks vacation /did not budge

    -1 week CME/travel with 1,500 to spend/ 3,000 to spend still one week

    -40 clinical hours

    Again, thanks for those who provided recommendations. I did use Contract Diagnostics and was very happy with them.




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      Any restrictive covenant in the contract?


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        Any restrictive covenant in the contract?
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        Yeah. 2 year, 25 mile radius. Except if terminated without cause or physician terminates with cause. As I previously mentioned this is a rural area so 25 miles is not that far. The only other hospital system is 30 miles away (the one I trained at) which would be the only other place I would work at.


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          Sounds pretty great. Nice work.


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            I have no frame of reference for GI, so with that being said, sounds like a great deal especially if it's in an area you want to love. Congrats.


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              If there was a cap on my production (which is totally ridiculous) than I would want to make very clear what “protections” I had..

              Time off? Call frequency? Patient load in clinic? What rvus are the current guys hitting? Would be my main questions

              Otherwise you might be in a situation where your hurting 10-11k RVU without wanting to
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              I would definately want to remove any cap on wrvu bonus, or at least protect yourself that you have enough control not to be doing a tremendous amount of uncompensated work.

              $400k for GI is decent, but it's not "blow me away" money either.  If this is a hospital that has trouble recruiting because of location, you hold the leverage and can certainly ask for more.


              If you have this offer and an academic offer for $275k, get more offers.  You aren't put off by small town living, so go do some geographic arbitrage.  Worse case, you can come back to the original offer.