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Best business bank account when starting a practice

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  • Best business bank account when starting a practice

    Hello, does anybody have any advice as to which financial institutions to approach for a new business account when starting a new practice?

    i would like a bank that waives fees, allows a decent line of credit straight away, ideally offers a business credit card and has good options for app / online banking including depositing checks by taking pictures of them.

    So far my best deal is waived fees for a Citibank business account, applying to Suntrust for upto $100,000 line of credit as Citibank won't allow a line of credit until 1 year after starting practice, and applying for a credit card with Amex as they offer decent limits and increase limits frequently.  This 3 institution approach feels like a horribly inefficient way to start out!  Has anybody found a better way or better offers?