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  • Spent the day working on finance - investments

    What? Yes. I basically spent the entire day, googling, reading, contacting my husband's company on what this and that means (401k).

    We contributed 30% maxing out the 401k. Given to charities as much as possible. Traditional IRAs has been set up. Now, I have to tell my husband to not work so much so I don't get a tax bill.    I'm running out of options. I need more options. I need to read more but my mind is all over the place! I'm so happy to have found this place. I've been on so many forums and when I would make a post no one replies. I felt alone and no one understanding our situation as a high-income earner family. Thanks for allowing those who are not medical doctors to be here. :P  Thanks for letting me share!

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    This is a good place to be. Bogleheads, too. Plenty of high income / high net worth people there and willing to share.

    Get yourself a good book or two to cover the basics. Then come back and start reading about HSAs, backdoor Roths, donor advised funds, etc...

    Have fun!



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      ...what are you going for?  Other than the obvious "have more money."  Seems like you're maybe trying to minimize your tax burden?

      Bogleheads is a pretty high-volume forum.  Might be some good luck there.  They have a tendency to sweep away "un-actionable" threads, though, so go in with a specific question.


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        Feel to ask questions about your specific situation. If you provide enough details someone will offer their two cents.


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          I don't think you will find a better forum for your situation. You may be feeling a little overwhelmed because you do not have a financial plan to use as a roadmap for making decisions. Suggest you read The One Page Financial Plan and Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth
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            Thank you everyone for all the suggestions. I will get started on reading these!  


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              Welcome! Getting on top of your finances early pays great dividends!
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