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Just put in my last student loan payment

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  • Just put in my last student loan payment

    I just wanted to say thank you to the WCI for putting this site together. I just logged off my student loan website after putting in for what should be my last loan payment. I've been reading this site for ~3 years. While my wife and I naturally were natural savers, this site has been crucial in teaching me about effective ways to put our money to use. Important financial decisions over the last 3 years I directly attribute to reading this site:

    1. Maxing out both our roth IRA's for the last 3 years.

    2. Signing up for my residency retirement plan (It has a match!) as well as the wife's roth 401k.

    3. Getting own-occupation disability insurance as a PGY-1.

    4. Refraining from buying a house when most of my peers were not (I'm in a five year program). We'll see how this one plays out, but I definitely have a lot less day to day stress than many of them thus far and don't regret the decision

    5. Paying off my student loans 2 months into PGY-2 year (~35k over the last year).

    We've been able to do this because of being generally frugal, being blessed with educational scholarships and low costs, as well as benefiting from the advice on this site. In med school we saved money while having a gross income <40k. While we have let our standard of living rise since starting residency and definitely make the most of my time off, we can still comfortably live on one of our salaries. Thanks again WCI!


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    Awesome!  Congratulations!!


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      Well done! Paying off student loans during residency is always impressive, even if it is probably impossible for many students!
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          well done


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            That is awesome, bean25. You not only learned, but acted on it, which is where many people fail. Kudos to you and your wife!
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                Dude, congrats. You have been killing it and will continue to kill it.