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  • I do sort of wonder if someone behind the scenes is tapping his shoulder to sell because of the overall size of Tesla in the SP, as well as the percentage of call options that exist. Maybe they're asking him to sell to allow for the stock to drop to "appropriate" weighting and reduce overall systemic risk. As alluded to in the thread Tim posted- the derivatives market is massive and a lot of premium is held up in bullish TSLA options. It doesn't look like an organic unwind is going to happen because of BTFD mantras and a blind eye to negative earnings call for all companies (minus PLTN).

    Not sure when Pelosi's options expire, so it would be interesting to see her filings and if she (or her husband) sells before Elon does.

    Just a tin foil hat theory. Monday AM TSLA, SPX, and VIX will be interesting to see.