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Vanguard vs. Spartan index funds

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  • Vanguard vs. Spartan index funds

    Unfortunately, my employer does not offer vanguard funds. However, it looks like I can buy the vanguard funds through fidelity account but would have to pay a premium for that - something like 75 dollars transaction fee for every vanguard purchase.

    Would anyone recommend doing that? or would I be better off just picking the fidelity spartan index funds. Thanks a lot.

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    It depends on the amount of the transaction, I suppose. Assuming you are not buying in the 5- and 6-figures, I would go with the Spartan. (Probably would, regardless.)
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      Use the Spartan funds. There difference is negligible and absolutely not worth the $75/transaction fee. I have used the Spartan funds for years, and they have become more competitive on ER over time.


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        For the funds that I use, Fidelity's expense ratio matches those of Vanguard.   I prefer Fidelity simply because they have investor centers where I can talk to real people if I have a question or a problem.


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          That's what I thought too. Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.