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  • Asset Allocation/Can't Contribute Recs

    For various reasons, we have multiple accounts that we cannot contribute.  My wife has an old 401K, I have a TSP, and now I have a 401K I can't contribute  - all because of job changes, as well as an HSA.

    All of these accounts had a standard Vanguard 3 fund allocation Stock/Bonds/Intl - which I'm a fan of, consider dollar cost averaging over the long run.

    I think, though, since I can't contribute to these funds anymore, that theory of dollar cost averaging no longer holds sway.

    So how should I allocate in these deads funds?  Convert the 401Ks into an IRA and then transfer into the TSP?  Allocate them as is and leave alone for the long run (I'm 25 years from retirement).  Each vehicle as about 25K in them.



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    Moving all to tsp is a great idea. Preserves backdoor Roth IRA.


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      You don't need to rollover the 401k to an IRA first.  You can transfer directly to your TSP account without the IRA, pretty sure.

      You should look at your allocation for all accounts.  Rolling over to TSP will make it easier, but you can't do that for wife's account.  Then take into account the fees in your wife's account for instance, and decide what makes the most sense..  If your old accounts have good investment options with low fees then not necessarily needed to roll over at all, except for simplicity.


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        Since they're relatively small amounts, you could leave them as is. Use one of the trackers like personal capital to determine your overall asset allocation (or a spreadsheet which would be more work) and direct new contributions to your desired classes to get your desired overall AA. But if it's not too much hassle to move them into the TSP that would make your life simpler


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          You can’t move her 401(k) to your TSP. Other than that, moving your account to the TSP seem like a sound plan.