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Favorite company for a taxable investing account?

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  • Favorite company for a taxable investing account?

    So just got notice that Capital One is shunting their investing accounts to E Trade later this year, I have a taxable investing account as well as a small roth IRA with them, figured it may be time to consider a transfer.  My 401k is with Schwab (employer PCRA so no choice there) so was going to just transfer to there, but just wondering if there are any good reasons I should just let them move it to E-trade or should I look at vanguard or fidelity?  Pros/cons?  Thanks!

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    If you have one at Schwab already and are fine with their service, I'd roll it there for pure convenience.


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      If you like mutual index funds. Vanguard, Fidelity and Schwab in that order for selection, but the inverse order for the lowest expense ratio for a three fund portfolio. If you prefer ETFs and other marketable securities, Vanguard's brokerage services are wanting, but you can add TD Ameritrade and ETrade to Fidelity and Schwab as good options.

      Notwithstanding their respective fanboys, all of them are good options. Like Zaphod said; using Schwab for convenience/consolidation is as good a choice as any other.