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Trading 24 Hours a Day! Who Is In?

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  • Trading 24 Hours a Day! Who Is In?

    Great news!  You can now trade 24 hours a day on TDAmeritrade.  I mean, what could go wrong with the ability for anyone to trade all day long?  (Please note all of this is in the sarcasm font).  I have a couple of attorney friends I expect to never hear from again as they will be locked away trading non-stop. (This part is not in sarcasm font)



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    Nope, once a year to rebalance is enough for me, even though we custody with TDA.
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      Nah, I gotta sleep sometime or else I get really cranky.


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        Calling Zaphod!


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          I'll expose my ignorance-- who would TD Ameritrade customers be trading with? How do these after-hours markets/pools work? I'd be especially worried about high frequency trading firms front-running orders and taking invisible commissions.

          On the other hand, the more volatility associated with less liquidity is generally a good thing if you have some prices in mind for particular stocks as a (long-term) value investor. Paying some extra hidden fees may still be worth it.

          Personally, we sold most of our taxable investments to pay off low-interest debts over the past few months, so we don't have much in the game right now.