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Problem opening Vanguard account

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  • Problem opening Vanguard account

    Has anyone run into an issue opening a Vanguard account?


    I was attempting to open a traditional IRA to then convert to Roth, but after my information was filled out it wouldn't let log back in, online login help said there was no such account, and it eventually locked me out. The only thing I can think is that the credit freezes I have in place might be affecting it and keeping the account from getting fully set up? I guess all I can do is call Vanguard on Monday, but I was curious if anyone else has dealt with this if you have credit freezes in place.

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    I don’t think any sort of credit check is necessary to open an account at Vanguard, so it would seem unlikely your credit freeze would be the issue.


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      I think it is the credit freeze. Brokerages must be sure of your identity before opening an account, and they do that via credit report. This post discusses problems opening a Vanguard account with frozen credit. Since you already have an account, you might be able to open a new one over the phone. I couldn’t find which account to thaw for vanguard with a quick google search, so if you find out please let us know.


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        They wouldn't let me do it electronically, and I didn't even have a credit freeze/alert yet. Sometimes you have to mail something or show up in person (I think they have, like, two physical locations). I was leaning toward Fidelity anyway and ended up just doing it; had accounts open in five minutes. I don't have a good answer for it.


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          I just tried to open up a Roth IRA for my wife with Vanguard last night. It couldn't verify her identity with the information I gave, so I am having to mail in the application. Not sure if it's their systems or something else.