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  • Diversifying across accounts

    I am trying to restructure my after tax account, 401K in addition to the newly funded Roth IRA, HSA and 529 accounts. I remember reading a post about diversifying across accounts by placing certain instruments in certain accounts for tax benefits etc but I just cant seem to find it any more. Can you please point me to it or suggest a good structure? I am in early forties and my wife is in mid 30's.

    So far

    Roth-IRA, HSA and 529 accounts are brand new while my after tax investment account has a mix match of equities with out any plan, that I want to pare down to some funds and few individual stocks.

    My 401K (Roughly 140K and will add about 25K per year)

    Wife's 401K (Roughly 60K and will try to add max allowed per year)

    15% Vanguard Total Intl Stk Idx Admiral (VTIAX)
    15% Vanguard Total Bond Mk Index Adm (VBTLX)
    20% Vanguard Total Stock Mrkt Idx Adm (VTSAX)
    25% Vanguard Mid-Cap Index Adm (VIMAX)
    25% Vanguard Small Cap Idx Adm (VSMAX)

    Appreciate your input.



    Edit: Added fund names and 401K amounts.

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    Most people won't know what all of those funds are, so if you could edit and add more info with at least the full fund name, that would be helpful.  Current $ and % allocations in each account and expected annual contributions would also help.


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      so dont worry too much about the 529. they need separate AA anyways.

      why are you over weighting mid and small? if you cant answer that then just do total stock.


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        Why so much in mid cap and small cap while u also have total stock?


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          I am tilting growth with little more risk and hence the over weight on Mid and Small.


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            WCICON24 EarlyBird