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  • Betterment Tax loss harvesting

    Those of you using Betterment - I'm a bit confused about the overlap between the ETFs they have with my retirement mutual funds. I'm assuming VTI overlaps with VTSAX and FSTVX, so do you guys liquidate those mutual funds to accommodate Betterment's TLH+? I can't find how to liquidate just the VTI portion of the Betterment allocation to avoid potential wash sales.  Thanks!

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    Can't delete the original message but looks like I found an answer here:




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      From what I've read, Betterment doesn't give much guidance in avoiding wash sales.  You are correct in that you don't want to have identical holdings with scheduled investments or reinvested dividends elsewhere.

      I'm tempted to create a tax loss harvesting guide, because there are so many questions on the few forums I regularly read.  It can get pretty complicated, but it needn't be.


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        I think that would be a great idea.

        I'm finding that I may have to reallocate all my funds to accommodate their TLH. I have VIIIX, FUSEX, among other 500 index funds that I'm not sure if they overlap VTI that comes in their account. I suppose the wash sale is not that much of an issue if I have just a few shares of dividend reinvestments when their TLH algorithm kicks in..