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how to avoid wash sales when using Robo Advisors

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  • how to avoid wash sales when using Robo Advisors

    Because I am unable to contribute to any 401K this year, I am thinking about starting a taxable account. I am thinking about using either Betterment, Wealthfront, or Schwab intelligent for the taxable account because their automated Tax Loss Harvesting feature seems less hassle free to me. However, I would like to keep my existing Roth and 401K investments under my own control (still learning, still trying to diversify this further).

    For my Roth I have: Vanguard Total Stock Market Index

    For my 401K: Fidelity domestic equity index fund and Bonds.

    I saw that both Betterment and Wealthfront (not sure about Schwab) uses the VTI, which is essentially the same as my vanguard total stock market fund.

    Is there a good, relatively simple solution for me to avoid Wash Sales from TLH if I were to use one of the robo advisors? I would like to avoid doing large shifts in funds in my existing accounts if possible.


    Thanks in advance for any advice.