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What asset class is an ASC (ambulatory surgery center) considered?

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  • What asset class is an ASC (ambulatory surgery center) considered?

    I'm very new to investing and finances and just had a simple question.

    In determining my current asset allocation, what asset class is an ASC?

    Thanks in advance!

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    an un-diversified highly leveraged something.


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      I would assess it as a single business.  If real estate is owned too then also RE.


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          Private equity, either as business alone or with the real estate attached.


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            I track the value of my imaging center investment in my net worth based on my buyout agreement, with the understanding that it is a high risk asset, tied to a business that could disappear overnight if regulations and or reimbursement or referral agreements change. I do not include it in my asset allocation. I enjoy the distributions and will do so as long as they last.


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              I put stuff like that in my real estate allocation. But you could give it its own allocation if you like.
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                Thanks for the replies.  After thinking about it, does it matter that much?  Since the majority of my savings will be classified as stocks and bonds, and then a smaller amount in real estate, I'm not sure if I would change my allocations of stock/bonds whether I had the ASC portion of my portfolio or not.  And like-wise, I doubt I would change anything else whether I called the ASC alternative or real estate or private equity.

                Maybe I'm not looking at this appropriately?  I'm currently in the planning stages of determining an asset allocation that would fit me best.  I'm new to all of this but am loving this site and the wealth of knowledge here!  Thanks again!