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VTI versus VTSAX

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  • VTI versus VTSAX

    Not an ETF versus Admiral Shares question.


    If VTSAX is half the price of VTI and the dividend payout is the same, wouldn't dividend payout be exponentially better with the Fund instead of the ETF?


    Current VTI price is $97

    Current VTSAX is $46


    I currently own a large amount of VTI, and wonder if buying into VTSAX would be better in the long run.  These are strictly buy and hold, with no plans to cash out for 15-20 years...

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    If what youre saying is true, then yes. However, it doesnt make any sense. Its more likely you are confusing yield with payout. The yield should be the same since they track the same thing, the payout will be different based on that yield and the price.


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      The December dividend for VTSAX was $0.283 per share.  It was $0.583 per share for VTI. You're simply mistaken that they have the same dividend. They do, however, have the same yield.

      They're both fine for the long run. Base your ETF vs mutual fund decision on other factors.
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