Hi Everyone,

I'm new to investing with intention and recently purchased the WCI book.  I posted my financial snapshot on BogleHeads Forum before I realized there was one here!  Would it be redundant to repeat that post here?  I wouldn't want to post unnecessarily but would appreciate any help I can get.

About this post, I was thinking about the Physician Net Worth Rule written in the book and was wondering ... am I calculating things right?

155k x 6yrs in practice x 0.3 - 200k = 79k Expected Physician Net Worth

I currently have about 178k.  While I initially feel good compared to the result of the calculation, I now wonder if my math was wrong.  In addition, if I factor that the national average for family physicians starting out of residency is now 230k these days and do the calculation with that, then I am actually behind!

Thanks for your insight.