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Dividend Stocks: Any benefit beyond the psychological?

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    One good thing about a high dividend stock -- hard to have day trading/option holders shorting the stock heavily.    Look at APPL; only down 1% today despite concerns on iPhone 8 sales and orders

    If AMZN shows any hiccup, it easily moves 2% on the news.


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      Thank you all for the feedback. I published my first post on the topic -- I think I could write a lot more about dividends vs. total return investing. I tried to keep the topic narrow, but still ended up with nearly 2,000 words. I focused on the tax benefit of selling shares to create your own dividend versus being forced to take your dividend in an amount and time determined by others.
      Selling Shares Beats Collecting Dividends

      While I think it would be cumbersome to do, and would make rebalancing and tax loss harvesting more difficult, I think a post on zero-dividend investing would be worthwhile and a good learning experience.




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        Good post over at POFs site.