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Anyone using Saturna HSA account?

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  • Anyone using Saturna HSA account?

    I've been looking into the various HSA investment options (currently my HSA has been sitting in my local bank uninvested).  I'm nearly sold on Saturna, but I'm a total newbie when it comes to all things financial.  My plan would be to use the brokerage account option and use the HSA as an investment, while paying for any healthcare expenses out of pocket (and keeping track of those receipts).

    I like how Saturna's brokerage account seems to have good fund options and the entire balance of the account can be invested.  It also seems like the fees are relatively low, but some of the commission fees are unclear to my un-financially-trained eye.


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    I use them. They are one of the good ones. They do not charge monthly fees like many of the other companies.

    IIRC There is a one time commission fee to buy vanguard funds of 25. Other funds like Fido have a 15 dollar one time cost. Since I buy the funds once a year that's a small fee. If your HSA was funded piecemeal this would be problematic.

    Also. I would call them up for help filling out your application. Hold time will be less than 1 minute. The help and service they provide is great! The application is clunky so have it printed out and ready to go before talking to them


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      I use them and agree that they're the best around.  Really good customer service.  I believe Fidelity funds now cost $25 a year also unfortunately.


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        Thanks for the replies.  I didn't realize the fidelity cost have increased, but I guess I can look at the Fidelity and Vanguard options equally now, from a cost standpoint.

        I will also plan on funding the HSA once a year.