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Is the market still inflated?

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      Originally posted by CM
      my base case expectation is a secular bear mkt but i hold a sig stock portfolio because expected returns better there than elsewhere and timing is impossible.
      however i keep > 10 yrs in cash to weather any storm
      Seems excessive.


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        Originally posted by StateOfMyHead

        Perhaps I blinked. To me that was a brief plunge before the market climbed to the stratosphere for what reasons I will never understand.
        All bear markets feel like that....afterward. Lots of people don't even remember the one in 2011 or the one in December 2018. Both were deeper than what we've seen so far this year.
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          WCICON24 EarlyBird
          Originally posted by CM

          The point is that humans have been making technological advances forever. With regard to mkt history, there were railroads, steam engines, telegraph, indoor plumbing, electricity, cars, radio, tv, airplanes, computers, internet, etc. Real earnings growth has been zero for some decades and upwards of 4% some decades, but more or less steady in low single digits, because human advances do not cause mkt-wide earnings increases.

          Instead, they raise general standards of living for consumers.
          Under that logic, healthcare costs should be next to nothing for consumers. Right? They would reap the benefits and just have lower costs.