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    As always love the advice guys!


    New to North Carolina, new baby on the way.  Does anybody know if the NC plan has any in state benefits?  From what I could tell you get access to vanguard total index but have to pay an additional 25 basis points for being in the NC plan for a total of 32 basis points (25 for the NC plan, 7 for the vanguard total index).  No state tax reductions from what I could see. Is the tax benefit from avoiding marginal gains etc worth the additional 25 basis points for the NC plan or should we just go with a taxable account at vanguard?

    Or is NY or Utah or Cali better?


    Thanks as always!

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    I learned something - NC did away with the tax deduction in 2014. I'd go with with one of the higher-rated plans in another state.
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