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  • Fidelity 529 questions

    I will be moving all my investments to fidelity to access everything easily from one place. I currently have 529 plans for my children with merrill edge and I want to move this to fidelity. I live in California. Fidelity offers 529 plans through a few different states. AZ, DE, MA, NH. Is there one state that is better then the other? Does it matter which one I choose? Is it pretty easy to transfer a 529 plan from merrill edge to fidelity?
    Thank you

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    I use the NH one and its great.

    Cant speak on ease of transferring from merril edge.


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      Two kids have already graduated but I used the NH version and was happy with it. Fidelity should be able to pull 529 from ME.


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        To my knowledge. the only difference between Fidelity's AZ, CT, DE, MA and NH 529 plans are the tax account maximums*:
        • AZ = $519K
        • CT = $300K
        • DE = $350K
        • MA = $500K
        • NH = $542K
        *The account maximum is a contribution maximum for all accounts under that plan for the same beneficiary. The account balance can continue to grow, but contributions are not allowed when the account balance is >= the account maximum. Plans do periodically adjust their account maximums based on tuition costs.

        As I happen to live in NH, I started using Fidelity's NH 529 (Unique) plan for my girls as soon as it was available (1998). If I lived in CA and wanted a Fidelity 529 plan, I would probably use the AZ plan.

        I understand your desire for simplicity and Fidelity's 529 plans are in the top tier of low cost plans provided you use index funds. However, I wouldn't overlook your own state's ScholarShare 529 plan. The last time I checked, it was the lowest cost nationwide 529 plan.