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    most of my accounts are in Schwab and I've spent some time recently researching Vanguard index equivalents to avoid the $76 transaction fee. Here's few I've come up with. In TIPS and total international stock I lean Schwab. In total bond and REIT I lean Vanguard. Any comments additions?


    Vanguard            Schwab

    VTSAX                SWTSX                     TSM index

    VFIAX                 SWPPX                      500 index

    VSMAX               SWSSX                      small cap index. although really this vanguard fund is split mid and small. the Schwab is small/micro cap index

    VFWAX               SWISX                     total international stock

    VGSLX               SCHH                        US REIT

    VBTLX                SWAGX                     total bond index

    VAIPX                SWRSX                      TIPS

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    Bogleheads has a wiki.


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      Ha, well that would have saved some time. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

      Schwab has increased its transaction fee to $76 to buy Vanguard mutual funds. I guess another way to avoid that if you're still married to Vanguard is to buy the ETF equivalent.

      Your point is taken and I think I'll be sticking with Schwab funds and ETFs for the most part


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        Who doesn't want to own a fund called SWAGX, though?


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          WCICON24 EarlyBird
          Just buy the ETFs. That's what I do. And I try to minimize the number of transactions. So maybe I pay $20 a year in commissions for my 401(k). Would it be fine to use the Schwab equivalents instead? Probably. But I'm a bit of a Vanguard diehard.
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