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How accurate are Personal Capital allocations?

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  • How accurate are Personal Capital allocations?

    According to my Personal Capital allocation, about 18% of my emerging markets fund (VEMAX) is actually in developed markets. However, on the Vanguard website the fund holdings have VEMAX listed as having 98.6% in EM and only 1.4% other.

    How accurate is the PC allocation? If it is correct, I am under my target allocation for EM by a significant amount. I'm assuming the Vanguard allocation is more correct, but I'm unsure of why there is such a big discrepancy.

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    I would go by the prospectus.


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      I don't use Personal Capital, so I can't give you a definite answer.

      It may relate to different definitions of "Emerging Markets"

      For example, iShares uses the MSCI emerging markets index, which includes 15% South Korea (e.g. Samsung, etc). But Vanguard uses the FTSE emerging markets index, which does NOT include Korea. In the FTSE world, Korea is classified as Pacific Developed, and not as Emerging.


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        Personal Capital isnt great at reading anything other than vanilla funds, dont rely on their take. They think Im 95% in cash since they cant seem to categorize my etfs correctly.


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          Perhaps ask PC and let us know what they say?  Hadn't noticed any issues myself