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  • Dumb HSA question

    I am employed by a regional health care system. My health insurance is as follows (using single numbers, as my husband and son are insured through my husband's employer):

    In my health system network: deductible $850, out of pocket max $4200

    Cigna in network: deductible $2200, OOP max $4700

    Out of network: deductible $2200, OOP max $7800

    The "network" of my health system sucks- basically to see any specialist I'm going out of network. Including the anesthesiologist in my very own hospital who did my epidural (rant for another day).

    Does this count as high deductible for the purposes of using an HSA? I'm thinking not since the lowest possible deductible is lower than $1300 but I don't think I've seen anything to clarify, and since an HSA sounds so awesome I figured I'd better ask.

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    "This limit doesn’t apply to deductibles and expenses for out-of-network services if the plan uses a network of providers. Instead, only deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses for services within the network should be used to figure whether the limit applies."

    Sorry :-( and yes, for *most* people the HDHP/HSA is the best way to go, even before you figure the compounding gains of the investments within the HSA...


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      That's what I suspected. Thank you for clarifying.